Ayesha Development & Production Lease

Ayesha Development & Production Lease


  • Province:Sindh
  • Area:19.71 km²
  • Geological Setting:Badin Rift / Tilted Fault Blocks
  • Play Type:Structural Trap
  • Resource Potential:~ 40 BCF

Key Features

  • Ayesha-01 well is completed as gas/condensate well.
  • Ayesha-01, of Badin-IV South was drilled in December 31, 2013.
  • Petroleum system is fairly established in the region.
  • Well established pipeline infrastructure, good quality gas of 1000 BTU/SCF with 10-12 bbl/MMSCF of light condensate.

Way Forward

  • Plan to bring Ayesha Gas/Condensate field into production by the End of 2016.