Badar Mining Lease

Badar Mining Lease


  • Province:Sindh
  • Area:129.65 km²
  • Play Type:Structural/Stratigraphic
  • Resource Potential:120 BCF

Petroleum System

  • Source:Sembar (early Cretaceous)
  • Reservoir:Sui Main Limestone (early Eocene)
  • Seal:Ghazij Shale (lower Eocene)

Key Features

  • Petroleum system is well established in the region
  • Badar-1, gas discovery, was drilled in 1994
  • Badar-1 is on production since 2006 and has produced 62.7 Bscf as of April 2019
  • Badar-2 well was completed as a gas well in May 2014 and it came on production in April-2016 and currently it is producing 7.4 MMCFD gas 

Way Forward

  • Plan to drill a third well in Badar Mining Lease in 2020
Location Map of Badar Mining Lease