Badin-IV North

Badin-IV North


  • Province:Sindh
  • Area:877.14 km²
  • Geological Setting:Lower Indus Rift Basin
  • Play Type:Structural/Stratigraphic
  • Resource Potential: 100MMBO + 1 TCF
  • Work Commitment: An exploration well to a depth of 1650 meters or 100 meters inside the upper sand of Lower Goru formation, whichever is shallower

Petroleum System

  • Source:Sembar & Lower Goru Shales (Cretaceous)
  • Reservoir:Lower Goru Formation (Cretaceous)
  • Seal:Upper and Lower Goru Shales

Key Features

  • Block is located in Sembar-Goru fairway, with proven petroleum system.
  • Excellent gas pipeline infrastructure.
  • Good quality sweet gas around 1000 btu/scf.
  • Low cost and low risk.

Zainab Discovery

  • Developed work on Zainab docovery, will commence after grant of D&PL by The Government.

Way Forward

  • Upgrade identified Laeds/Prospects. Planning for drilling Wasu-1 in the last Quarter of 2019
Location Map of Badin-IV North Block