Drilling progress in HAHA onshore permits

Drilling progress in HAHA onshore permits

PEL made a landmark achievement by delineating the Tamanar prospect which is located in the Haha centre that covers an area of 1760 square km. The Tamanar prospect is mapped at the Triassic T6 horizon on 3D seismic data. At this horizon there is a three way dip closure and is bounded by a normal fault on the west. It has a closure of 18 square km and vertical relief of 600m.


  • First exploratory well Tamanar-1 was spud-in on Nov 15, 2014. 
  • Well penetrated the  sequence from Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) to Lower Liassic (Lower Jurassic).
  • After drilling down to Lower Jurassic to a depth of  TVD:2293m, the well was temporarily suspended due to operational problem
  • A side track was drilled from KOP 1574.06m (TVD) down to 1818m (MD). But due to Operational problem well was again suspended.
  •  It was planned to drill a new exploratory well Tamanar-2 at a distance of 45 meters to the south



  • Second exploratory well Tamanar-2 was spud on Dec 31, 2016. It reached a depth of 4306m.
  • Good Hydrocarbon shows have been encountered in the intermediate zone down to Top Salt. All formation thicknesses and formation tops were encountered very close to the prognosed thicknesses and Tops
  •  At present Tamanar-2 well is temporarily suspended at 4306 meters. Drilling is likely to be resumed in 2018.