• Province:Sindh
  • Area:357.19 km²
  • Geological Setting:Kirthar Fold Belt
  • Play Type:Structural/Stratigraphic
  • Resource Potential:~ 500 BCF
  • Work Commitment:200 Line Km 2D seismic

Petroleum System

  • Source:Sembar& Lower Goru shales (early Cretaceous)
  • Reservoir:Mughalkot Sandstone and Pab Sandstone (late Cretaceous)
  • Seal:Shales in Mughalkot (late Cretaceous) for Mughalkot Sands and Shales in Khadro and Ranikot (early Paleocene) for Pab sandstone

Key Features

  • Mapped two drillable prospects i.e.Lunda and Maliri
  • In Lunda structure the objectives are Mughalkot Sandstone and Pab Sandstone reservoirs, with an estimated reserves of ~450 BCF
  • In Maliri structure the objective is Mughalkot Sandstone reservoir, with an estimated reserves of ~50 BCF
  • Well developed gas infrastructure passing through the block
  • Good quality sweet gas around 800-900 BTU/SCF

Way Forward

  • Planning to acquire 200 Line Km 2D seismic
Location Map of Jhangara Block