Kandra Field Development & Power Project

Kandra Field Development & Power Project


  • The field development envisages drilling and completing 12-14 additional wells, surface gathering lines and central processing facility for producing 120 MMSCFD of raw gas.
  • The low heating value Kandra gas (150 BTU/SCF) @ 40 MMSCFD after processing to 300 BTU will be used as fuel of 430 BTU for power generation after processing and comminling with 10 MMCFD pipeline quality gas.

The field development is estimated to cost about US $ 160 million.


  • The processed Kandra gas (40 MMSCFD) of 300 BTU will be commingled with 10 MMSCFD pipeline quality gas of 900-950 BTU/SCF heating value which will result in 50 MMSCFD of 430 BTU quality gas.
  • This gas will be used as fuel for Combined Cycle Power Project of 120 megawatts electricity to be set up by Kandra Power Company.