New Larkana

New Larkana


  • Province:Sindh and Balochistan
  • Area:2426 km²
  • Geological Setting:Middle Indus Basin
  • Play Type:Structural/Stratigraphic
  • Resource Potential:~ 300 BCF
  • Work Commitment:100 Line Km 2D seismic and three exploratory Wells

Petroleum System

  • Source:Sembar & Lower Goru shales (early Cretaceous)
  • Reservoir:Sui Main Limestone (Eocene)
  • Seal:Sui Shale & Ghazij Shale

Key Features

  • Mapped 3 leads at Sui Main Limestone level.
  • Interpreted 556 lkm 2D seismic and 1 well data.
  • Block surrounded by gas fields: Mazarani 183 BCF, Haseeb 200 BCF, Kandra 2.86 TCF and Block 22 Fields 150 BCF producing from Sui Main Limestone and Pab Sandstone reservoirs.
  • Well developed gas infrastructure within the block.
  • Good quality gas around 800-900 BTU/scf.

Way Forward

  • Planning to acquire 2D seismic data.
Location Map of New Larkana Block