Offshore Indus- J Block

Offshore Indus- J Block


  • Location: 200 km south of Karachi
  • Area: 2436.3 km²
  • Geological Setting: Indus Fan
  • Play Type: Structural/Stratigraphic
  • Resource Potential:~ 50 TCF

Petroleum System

  • Source:Paleocene-Eocene Shales, deposited in restricted marine environment
  • Reservoir:Channel/sheet Sands (Oligocene/Miocene) and Carbonate buildups (Paleocene/Eocene)
  • Seal:The intraformational shales provide good top seals. The seals are present at all structural and stratigraphic levels. The intraformational shales reservoir-seal pairs. For the shallower Miocene reservoirs, a thick sequence of shale provide a good top seal.

Key Features

  • Acquired 936 line km 2D (93.6 WU) and 550 km² (550 WU) focused 3D seismic data
  • Processed 550 km² 3D cube to PSDM level
  • Interpreted 936 line km 2D & 550 km² 3D seismic and data of 13 wells including Pak Can-1 that tested 3.7 mmscf/d gas
  • Performed framework mapping of 20 horizons
  • Identified amplitude anomalies relating to bottoms up segments
  • Generated amplitude and depth structure maps at key horizons
  • Performed reservoir modeling
  • DHIs indicating presence of hydrocarbons observed on seismic sections
  • Mapped two substantial prospects on 3D seismic data that have a combined reserve exposure of over 20 TCF gas
Location Map of Offshore Indus-J Block