Petroleum System

Petroleum System

Two active petroleum systems have been established in the Essaouira Basin.

The acreage of the Haha Permits (NORD, CENTRE & SUD) has two distinct active petroleum systems. Six gas / condensate and one oilfield have been discovered in the Sidi Mokhtar Permits north of the Haha Permits showing the petroleum potential of the area.

Hybrid Silurian-Triassic Petroleum System:

  • Silurian-Triassic Petroleum System is a hybrid system with a number of established source rocks in the Paleozoic sequence such as Ordovician, Silurian (TOC up to 12%), Devonian (TOC up to 4%) and Carboniferous (TOC about 1.5%).
  • Most prominent source rocks are the world class Silurian Hot Shales occurring in North Africa from Morocco to Western Egypt and even beyond to the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Hydrocarbon charge from these source rocks is trapped in a number of clastic and carbonate reservoirs of Paleozoic, Triassic and Lower Jurassic age. Several giant oil and gas fields in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and the Middle East are considered to have been predominantly charged from the Silurian Hot Shales.
  • Seal is provided by Triassic-Early Liassic massive salt.

Intra Jurassic Petroleum System:

Intra Jurassic petroleum system comprises;

  • Oxfordian shale as source rock.
  • Argovian / Callovian carbonates as reservoirs.
  • Intraformational anhydrites act as effective seal.
Generalized Stratigraphy of Essaouira Basin
Outcrop of Triassic (T-6) Sandstone
Silurian Shale