About Us

“Rise early, work hard, strike hydrocarbons."

Energy is the pillar of a nation's economy. The need for the fast development in the wake of the energy crisis has highlighted the importance of pursuing a responsible and sustainable approach in this field. A century ago petroleum· what we call oil was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existence as water.

Our business is fundamentally borderless. The strength of universal diversity lies in the human connections that give meaning to our business- and in the knowledge that whatever we believe individually can only be achieved collectively as a team.

Petroleum Exploration (Pvt.) Limited (PEL) is the main entity of the Shahzad International Group of Companies. We, at PEL, focus mainly on the exploration and production of upstream oil and gas. We are proud to be the flag bearers and hold the honour of being the pioneer private sector gas producing company in Pakistan. Indeed, we are privileged to be the first ever Pakistani E&P company to commence drilling programmes internationally.

Our basic philosophy is to effectively participate in petroleum exploration & production by minimizing the risk and sharing the reward through alliances and joint ventures within Pakistan and overseas. We dedicate ourselves to the principal of mutual advantage and to foster productive relationship with partners and businesses, assuring a win-win deal for all the stake holders concemed. We also upholds the highest standards of international partnerships, transparency, accountability and sound governance.

Our business is on the road to exponential growth because of our close working relationships with government authorities and all the major multinational oil & gas companies. Above all, sharp business acumen, technical expertise, a dedicated team of professionals and cutting edge technology are the key factors to our success.

PEL constantly strives to make its contribution in the world's energy sector and economy while simultaneously exploring ways to promote opportunities of employment amidst today's challenges. Most importantly, we are cognizant of the social responsibilities that we owe to the communities where we conduct operations.

In conducting its business, PEL endeavors to protect and preserve the environment and is committed to do so in the future. We have a team of professionals who work with dedication to pave the way for company's progress.

We believe that today is our opportunity to make tomorrow better. It is true that dreamers are the saviours of the world. We, at PEL , have always believed in the dream of a brighter tomorrow by re-affirmation of perseverance to exploring with the objective of discovering energy.