Crisis Management

Tharparkar is a desert in the vicinity of PEL's fields. Clean drinking water is scarce and most of the area suffers from drought. Consequently in 2014 with no food, water or fodder, a large number of animals perished. Around 200,000 lives have been affected.

Welfare initiatives were started both by public and private sectors. Realizing our corporate social responsibility as well as human suffering, we contributed freely to the cause. In collaboration with a member of the National Assembly (Ms. Shazia Marri), PEL provided a substantial number of flour bags (20kg each) and food items to the residents of Achhro Thar (White Desert). This helped them survive the period of famine and drought until a new crop was harvested the following season. PEL distributes rations in a systematic manner. The stock is labeled and organized in a warehouse. The families, based on their national identity card numbers, queue up and collect their due share from the distribution point.

We take measures to be systematic and ensure that our contribution reaches out fairly to each and every family in need.