Disaster Relief

We recognize the need to provide humanitarian assistance in times of crises. Timely response is critical to disaster relief efforts.

PEL's development, production and mining leases are mainly based in Sindh. Almost every year, torrential monsoon rains cause severe flooding in about 16 districts of Sindh province, affecting approximately 175,000 lives. The floods gravely affect the areas in the vicinity of PEL's Block-22 Gas Field (Shikarpur) & Badar Gas Field (Jacobabad).

PEL has been making contributions in areas such as:

  • Rescue operations
  • Provision of food
  • Provision of clothes and necessities
  • Provision of medical facilities
  • Sanitation

We have provided boats to carry out rescue operations. When the approach roads to nearby villages at Hasan-1 & Hasan-3 leases were under water, PEL arranged a row boat for day to day monitoring operations and also helped locals with their rescue and travel needs. PEL also used a 23 foot fiber glass boat with a 25HP engine for its operational as well as relief needs in the area.

PEL has a supply scheme. PEL distributes dry rations (lentils, rice, flour, tea, cooking oil, sugar, milk and spices) as well as cooked meals. The dry rations are given via the Food Control Department of the affected district. PEL brings cooked food to the distribution points from where locals collect the food.

Necessities like kitchen utensils and toiletries are provided to the affected people. It comprises of plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans, cooking spoons, buckets and water containers. Clothes are also distributed to the needy and poor.

PEL has organized mobile dispensaries to help the affectees against exposure to diseases. After a thorough examination, medicines are prescribed as well as donated.

As people start returning to their devastated homes, they face a myriad challenges like dewatering, anti mosquito spraying, medical help against water-born diseases and reconstruction. PEL field staff has been instructed to survey the area close to their operations to identify critical needs and help in every way possible.

This scheme is operative through PEL representatives of Badar Gas Field since 2010 and continues to date. PEL always endeavours to fulfill its obligations and play a positive role.