Creating a brighter future for children

PEL is fully aware and committed to its corporate social responsibility toward the local communities of its area of operation. PEL, as a matter of policy has accorded high priority to uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the population in its license areas. Presently, PEL's gas production facilities are based in the vicinity of Shikarpur, Ghotki, and the Qadirpur areas of the Sindh province. Like other parts of Sindh, these are also under developed areas with water scarcity and are deprived of basic amenities like safe drinking water and adequate education facilities.

Sow a seed to grow a tree.

It makes us proud to be part of the fact that what we execute today will benefit the communities not merely now but for many years to come.

It is a known fact that empowerment of the common man can only be ensured through education. This approach has proved successful in places lacking in adequate facilities for education.
After a necessary “Need Assessment Survey” and discussions held with the local communities, PEL decided to join hands with the HMB Trust's Institute of Science & Technology, Shikarpur for constructing and furnishing eight additional class rooms within the existing premises at a total cost of US$ 29,750. This was necessary to enroll additional students, mainly girls, and to provide a better environment for teachers and students. PEL continuously oversaw the work progress and actively participated in all phases of bid invitation, bid evaluation, award of contract, and actual construction work.

We, demonstrated a paradigm of collaboration, project sustainability and prudent social investment.

Provision of uniforms to the orphans

One of the largest philanthropic organizations in Pakistan is the Bait-ul-Mal and is the most active state-run department of its kind. PEL collaborated with the Bait-ul-Mal and provided uniforms worth Rs. 700,000 to orphan children.