PEL endeavours to preserve and improve the existing environment. In compliance with the local regulations, a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study is carried out before the start of any operational activity. Our studies are conducted by Ziz Geo Consulting of Morocco and Department of Forest and Land, Government of Sindh, Pakistan. As per regulatory procedure the study is stringently scrutinized through public hearings by the Environmental Council that represents several ministries.

We adhere to the environmental guidelines laid down by the Government.

To preserve the environment, toxic gases like CO2, H2S and CO are only released form the plants after due processing. Flare stacks are installed at heights of over 5 feet and are ignited automatically. They are not around and are being burnt at a 5 feet height after being passed through a flare stack to prevent environmental pollution at plant the site and nearby areas. Previously the flare was ignited manually with extreme difficulty which was unsafe. To adopt a safe method, an auto ignition system was proposed and installed. In this way, an auto ignition system is helping to mitigate environmental pollution by continuous burning of gases being flared. Similarly gas emissions / exhaust gases due to burning of natural gas in MDEA and TEG re-boilers and power house are also released to atmosphere at industrial standard height after they are passed through their stacks.

We work on wild growth removal throughout the year. On the other hand plantation is carried out frequently to promote healthy environment. In Morocco, we have thoughtfully shifted our proposed drill location, in order to protect the Argan trees. We are committed to prevent pollution by the efficient use of energy throughout our running operations. We utilize cost effective and clean production techniques for sustainable development. We undertake all reasonable steps to make operations in the field conducive to health, safety and environment. Our HSE department works zealously to provide a healthier and safer work place.