PEL fields in Sindh are exposed to high temperatures for most part of the year. We make our employees aware of the risks of high exposure to extreme temperatures that may result in heat related health problems like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. To mitigate against this risk, we provide air conditioned containers, encourage cool water intake and wearing of appropriate head covering.

Most of PEL's operational area is a habitat for snakes, scorpions and mosquitoes. We make sure that our people adhere to all the rules strictly, for instance getting vaccination, avoiding skin exposure and exposure to danger prone areas. Mosquito sprays are carried out at all camp areas. Doctors, ambulances and first aid kits of the highest quality are available round the clock to cater for any emergency. One MBBS doctor is carried on the payroll of PEL for periodic visits to our installations.

A fully equipped ambulance has been donated to a well established NGO. Procurement of few more ambulances is also on the cards which will soon be commissioned into service for our staff as well as for the civil population in the areas of our operations.