Infrastructure And Training

As part of a project for enhancing the skills and technical expertise of the existing work force of local E&P companies, PEL sponsored and built the Petroleum Technical Training Institute (PTTI). The company contributed nearly USD 0.5 million to this project.

The facility is located at Kandra (Khairpur) in Sindh and consists of air conditioned classrooms, library, seminar hall, networked computer laboratory with access to the internet via a high-speed DSL connection, instrumentation and control lab, drilling and production lab and oil and gas testing lab.

PTTI was established to train and build a capable workforce of oil & gas personnel and this is reflected both in its planning and its curriculum. It has been established in the premises of Government College of Technology Khairpur.

It is under the administrative control of the Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA).

The Institute:

Imparts 6 months to 1 year Post-Diploma training in Petroleum Technology.

Provides specialized / customized training programs to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the existing workforce of E&P Companies.

Provides upstream & downstream training in the Oil & Gas sector.

The curriculum focuses on practicality while also providing theoretical and academic knowledge. It is updated periodically in consultation with E&P companies to meet their requirements. The curriculum was developed by PTTI faculty members in consultation with:

  • Oil & Gas Training Institute (OGTI) of OGDCL, Islamabad Petroleum & Gas Institute of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology.
  • British Petroleum, OMV, MOL, PPL, Mari Gas, OGDCL, ENI, BHP, Orient Petroleum and PEL.