Safe Drinking Water

PEL has a policy of providing safe, clean drinking water to schools, colleges and public libraries in its operating areas lacking such facilities. In consultation with the local community and with the recommendations of the local administration, electric water coolers (fitted with three tier action filters) are provided in deserving cases.

So far PEL has 28 such electric water coolers installed at various schools, colleges and libraries in its areas of operation i.e. Block 22 (Shikarpur), Mirpur Mathelo (Ghotki) and Salam (Jacobabad), at a total cost of about US$ 33,688.

PEL plans to extend this facility of safe drinking water to other educational institutions, hospitals and public places. PEL has immediate plans for the installation of a reverse osmosis desalination plant along the coastline of the Thatta region in Sindh. The plant would ensure the provision of safe drinking water to the locals of Thatta. PEL has also endeavoured to equip and educate the people of Thatta and Ghotki districts by a contribution of $300,000 to the Pakistan Marine Development Committee (PMDC).