Our workers at PEL Fields have risk exposure to toxic gases like H2S and CO2. To protect against this, separators and laminators are installed where necessary. Monitoring sites for the presence of toxic gases is a key to safety. We also allocate Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to each employee to protect themselves. We are extremely concerned about fire safety at PEL. We have installed Updated Fire Alarm systems, Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets and Fire hose reels at all PEL fields. A permit to work system (PTW) is strictly followed at all our sites. After checking the expertise level of workers PTW is issued from CCR and is closed after completion of job. These PTWs include Cold work, Hot work, Electrical Isolation, Digging / Excavation and Radiography permits. We impart general safety awareness training to newly inducted employees through tool box talks. A tool box talk and general lectures pertaining to health, safety and environment issues are carried out in-house periodically. Besides the above, we also encourage our employees to attend safety courses at institutions like the National Institute of Fire Technology (N.I.F.T), which offers different fire safety courses from time to time.

We work on augmenting the knowledge base of our employees and we do so by educating them about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), PTWs, Barricading, Electrical Safety, Welding / Cutting / Grinding Safety Precautions, Housekeeping, Crane Safety, Eye Protection, Safe Working at Height, Radiography and more. It is mandatory for the workforce to wear PPE while on duty at the site. PPE include, Safety helmets, glasses, gloves, shoes and coveralls. Guide arrows, safety signs and warning slogans are displayed at various places to reduce the risk of accidents. Any excavation spots are covered so as to avoid injury not just to humans but even animals. Scheduled audit, inspection and monitoring of plants, wells and camps is carried out regularly.