• Department : OPERATIONS
  • Employment Type : FULL-TIME
  • Rotation : 21/14
  • Experience Required : 5-7 YEARS IN OIL AND GAS

Working Hours : 12 HOURS/DAY

Location : GOTHKI

Travel : MUST

Job Description :

  • TASKS, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Should have the following as minimum:  Handling, calibration and troubleshooting of sales gas metering equipment such as orifice meter run, Barton Chart Recorder, Gas Chromatograph, Flow Computer, Moisture Analyzer etc.  Hands on experience in handling Gas Chromatograph, Flow computer and moisture analyzer with its installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance.  Hands on experience in carrying out the trouble shooting in electrical system of plant.  Good working experience in handling of Power generation and electrical distribution system of plant and residential area.  Load management.  Able to study and develop complex designs and layouts of Single Line Diagrams, E/I Plans, Sections & Details, Wiring Diagrams and Schematic Diagrams.  Hands on experience in maintenance of electrical and pneumatic instruments installed on plant.  Preparation of layout of instruments and instrumentation systems  Prepare cable schedules, loop diagrams, junction box details and interconnecting wiring diagrams of electrical system and instrumentation system based on PLC.  Should have a good understanding of the applicable design codes and standards.  Application and continuous improvement of standardized designs, processes and tools for delivery, monitoring and reporting of E&I system.  To Prepare maintenance Plan for all electrical and pneumatic instruments installed at plant and implement, monitor, coordinate and check maintenance activities and procedures timely.  Identify and record any electrical and instrumentation service quality problems and ensure that solution to the problems is provided.  Ensure that corrective actions are followed up and implemented.  Responsible for the correct and good quality repair, overhaul, scheduled checks/ test and re-calibration of all E&I related instruments/equipment and safety controls in accordance with manufacturers maintenance manuals and Engineering standard and practices.  Supervise and control maintenance of activities for proper implementation, supervise schedules and responsible for the maintenance, overhaul, repair, schedules checks and calibration of process and general service instruments, controllers, safety controls and communication. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES & OTHERS:  Sales Gas Metering Equipment and its calibration.  Experience in Electrical & Instrument installation and maintenance.  Ability to work well with others in a team environment  Ability to take initiative and to work in an independent manner.  Ability to train and guide subordinates working under him.