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Petroleum System


Sembar, Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Shales


Mughal Kot and Pab Sandstone (late Cretaceous)


Intra formational shales for Mughal Kot sands (late Cretaceous) and Lower Ranikot shales (Paleocene) for Pab Sandstone (late Cretaceous)


License No: 344/PAK/2005
Location/Districts: Jamshoro
Date of Grant: 27-04-2005
Area (Sq.Km): 357.19
Policy: (to be Converted to 2012 Policy)
Rules: 2001

Milestones Achieved And Key Features:

Block is located in the prospective Kirthar Thurst and Fold Belt

Significant gas discoveries have been made at Zamzama (2.32 TCF Gas + 11.68 MMBBL Condensate), Bhadra and Bhit (1.6 TCF Gas) inthe area surrounding the block

Block is located within the reservoir's fairway of Cretaceous-Paleocene

Two ready to drill prospects (La'al and Maliri) are available

Estimated Reserve Exposure of ~ 1 TCF

Reprocessing of 216.3 Line km vintage 2D seismic dataset has been carried out by M/s TBI Canada. As a result data quality has been improved considerably due to which confidence has enhanced in the mapping of La'al Prospect.

A detailed Geological Survey was carried out in the block in order to thoroughly analyze prospectivity of the block in terms of both stratigraphic and structural. Proper understanding has been developed in terms of petroleum system which includes source, seal and reservoir pairs and risk mitigation.

A well developed gas infrastructure is available in the area

Potential of discovering good quality of sweet gas having the heating value of 800-900 BTU/SCF