Petroleum System


Shales-Sembar & Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Shales


Sui Main Limestone & Sui Upper Limestone Carbonates


Ghazij Shales


License No: 352/PAK/2005
Location/Districts: Larkana, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Kambar,
Shahdadkot, Khairpur(Sindh) & Jhatpat(Balochistan)
Date of Grant: 03-06-2005
Area (Sq.Km): 2425.96
Policy: 2001(converted to2012 Policy)
Rules: 2001

Milestones Achieved And Key Features:

Seismic Data Interpretation results showed a sizeable lead A at SML level

Four other leads B,C,D and E were also identified

Expected reserve exposure of 500 BCF

Interpreted 1190 lkm 2D seismic and 2 well data

Block surrounded by gas fields: Mehar 434BCF, Mazarani 183 BCF, Haseeb 200 BCF,Kandra 2.86 TCF and Block 22 Fields 150 BCF

A well developed gas infrastructure in the block

Good quality SML reservoir with porosity in the range of 20-22% is expected i New Larkana Block, based on nearby discoveries

Potential of discovering good-quality gas,having 800-900 BTU/SCF

Low-risk and low-cost block