Petroleum Exploration (Pvt.) Ltd


We endorse simplicity, trust, and mutually beneficial relationships. We are committed to performing and sustaining our operations in-line with highly ethical business practices and sound governance principles. The company's corporate values include integrity, reliability, productivity, and quality in performance. These values are embedded in our corporate policy and are the prime reason for our long-term success.

We strictly observe cultural norms as well as legal requirements and regulations of the countries in which we operate. Transparency and accountability are the essential components of our continuing success and long-term existence. We practice what we impart and we perform honestly and fairly. PEL has contributed over US$ 31.067 million to date on account of statutory payments to the Government of Pakistan. This includes royalty, area rental, marine research, production bonuses, signature bonuses, training, social welfare, general sales tax, excise duty, with-holding tax, and custom duty.