Petroleum Exploration (Pvt.) Ltd


Enhancing Professional Capacity

We believe learning is an enduring process. We invest in professional development opportunities for our staff through formal courses and on the job training.


We are committed to enhancing the professional capacities of our workforce by providing them training opportunities at technical courses/seminars and workshops organized by professional institutions. We encourage our personnel, to be part of the courses, seminars and workshops held throughout the year.

We have also organized a number of training programmers to ensure that the process of knowledge sharing continues.

The major subjects covered during 2013-2014 training programs were Wireline Formation Testing, Well Site Testing, Forward Modeling of Wells, Case Study of Different Wells, Seismic Data Processing, Sequence Stratigraphy, Exploration and Development of Petroleum Prospects (held in Turkey), SIS Reservoir and Production Technology, Unconventional Gas, and Reciprocating Compressors.